Chris Wallace Says Trump Has Only Himself to Blame for Iran Skepticism: Who’s Attacked Intel Agencies More Than Him?

‘Now you’re hearing that the president said it was an embassy’


WALLACE: "Well, I think to a certain degree, the Administration has itself to blame. Because right away the President and Mike Pompeo when he was on all five Sunday shows this last week was saying imminent, imminent, imminent. And people understandably, whether it was reporters or members of Congress, what's imminent? What was it? Now you’re beginning to hear, the President said well, it was an embassy. And then you hear him today with Laura Ingraham saying it may have been plots for four embassies in a constricted period of time. That does put a little meat on the bones. Now, they're not going to give the sources and methods, they're not going to say, here’s the intercept, here's the satellite image, whatever. But I think if they had been a little bit more forthcoming right from the start, they might not have allowed this skepticism to build. To a certain degree, I think the President has himself to blame. Because who has been more critical and less sort of just trusting on face of the intelligence agencies than Donald Trump over the last three years? Why shouldn't we be skeptical too?"

(Via Mediaite)

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