John Kerry: Trump’s Lying, We Didn’t Give $150 Billion to Iran

‘They didn’t get anything near that’


KERRY: "Well, the President lied about that because we didn’t give $150 billion, they didn’t get anything near that. What they got in a totally separate arrangement, totally separate, was the settlement of a lawsuit where they won and they were accruing interest. And the average taxpayer of America was actually having to pay more and more and more interest to the Iranians for the fact that they had won this lawsuit, and they were going to get more money. We gave them a little bit of money that was released in that period of time, not as part of the nuclear arrangement. But the fact is the IRGC had all the money it wanted. The IRGC wasn’t starving at that point in time, and in fact, Iran owed billions upon billions of dollars, most of that money went to pay off their debts and to facilitate their economic initiatives. So it’s just not true that that money specifically, directly went to the IRGC. Money is fungible in any budget. The IRGC had its funding, they had its missiles long before we made any kind of an arrangement with Iran."

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