MSNBC Guest: Iran Is ‘Potentially Going to Make a Dash for the Bomb’

‘These are bad consequences and these are steps backwards in the goal to restrain the Iranian regime’


LUCE: "So, I think if you judge this from the European perspective, particularly Germany, France, Britain, the so-called E.U. three that are signatories to the nuclear deal with Iran, and you judge the events of the last few days by their likely consequences, then what you’re seeing is, one, Iran is pulling out any sort of remaining uranium enrichment restrictions from a JCPOA, in other words it’s potentially going to make a dash for the bomb, and two, all the demonstrations that were against the Iranian regime, partly because of the economic impact of the Trump administration’s sanctions on Iran, those demonstrations have now stopped. There’s now a sort of unified national feeling in support of the Iranian regime and likewise in Iraq. Because remember, it was directed against the Iraqi government. And the third likely consequence here is American withdraw or being asked to withdraw from Iraq. The Iraqi Parliament has already voted and asked for that and the Iranians, the ayatollah said our goal is to kick the Americans out of the Middle East. So if those are three of the sort of more easily foreseeable consequences, then from the point of view of America’s allies in Europe and, indeed, in the region, the United Arab Emirates and the Saudis in particular, this is not good news at all. These are bad consequences and these are steps backwards in the goal to restrain the Iranian regime."

(h/t Contemptor)

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