Cory Booker: Trump Has Been a Foreign Policy Disaster in the Middle East

‘This president has shown no ability to do diplomacy from North Korea to the Middle East’


BOOKER: “If you look at this region under this President’s leadership, Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon right now as they’re breaking out to better enrich than they were before he was President. We now have an Iran that has greater influence in Iraq than before he was President. We now have our allies like Israel at greater danger because of Iran than when before he was President. And I can go on and on and on. And so, he has been a foreign policy disaster in the Middle East. Somebody who said he was going to detangle himself from the Middle East, moving more troops there right now, somebody who said he was going to defeat ISIS and tear them up by the roots, now has put us in a worse position to prevent their resurgence. There are so many problems under this President because of his inability to have a strategy to conduct foreign policy.”

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