Halperin: Not Endorsing Hillary Is a ‘Dangerous Game’ de Blasio Hasn’t Realized

‘There is furor in Hillary Clinton’s camp that one the most prominent people in America who hasn’t endorsed her yet is the mayor of her own, of New York City, and her own former campaign manager’

Halperin: By Not Endorsing Hillary, De Blasio ‘Playing More Dangerous Game than He Realizes’ (NewsBusters)

Serious question: what did Mark Halperin mean when he said that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio "may be playing a more dangerous game than he realizes" by refusing so far to endorse Hillary? On today's With All Due Respect, Halperin prefaced his ominous observation by saying that there is "furor in Hillary Clinton's camp" over the matter.  De Blasio's omission certainly is striking, considering that he was Hillary's campaign manager when she ran for Senate from New York.

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