Mike Pompeo Falsely Claims Trump Didn’t Threaten To Strike Iranian Cultural Sites

‘We will defend America, we will protect America, we will preserve America’


POMPEO: “I’m focused on making sure we’re doing all the things President Trump wants us to do to keep the forces safe and buildout strategy, diplomatic, economic and security strategy. As for critiques. President Trump did not say going after cultural sites. Read what he said very closely. We made clear the cost, using proxy forces in the region will not be just borne by the proxies. It will be borne by Iran and its leadership itself. Those are important thinks the Iranian leadership needs to put into the calculus as it makes the next decision. President Trump is unambiguous. We will defend America, we will protect America, we will preserve America. As for speaker Pelosi she will have the information she needs. Welcome to come to Washington and receive it. We hope she takes it up. I don’t think any person can read the history of the soleimani and intelligence we had in our position conclude anything other than what President Trump concluded. As general Milley characterized it we would have been culpably negligent if we hadn’t taken the strike when the opportunity presented itself.”

(Via Mediaite)

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