Dem Rep.: I Would ‘Certainly Support’ Nancy Pelosi Withholding Impeachment Indefinitely

‘The House has the sole responsibility under the Constitution for impeachment, to send over the articles’


DOGGETT: “Well, I would certainly support her in doing that. The House has the sole responsibility under the Constitution for impeachment to send over the articles when the majority leader, Mr. McConnell, has declared that he will breach his oath, that he will not do impartial justice in accordance with the Constitution, but plans to act on cue and in accordance only with the defendant in this case, would be no trial at all. So I think she could rightly say we have done our job under the Constitution, the ultimate jurors will be the American people, they should consider what we’ve done. Of course, in ensuing weeks, we may have additional evidence out there, through investigative reporting and other disclosures, that would justify sending it at a later time. Meanwhile, McConnell loses his excuse for not acting on other important business, like the new United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, which he could take up next week.”

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