Jeff Zeleny on Obama’s Poll Numbers: Hillary’s ‘Fortunes Unmistakeably Linked’ to Obama’s

‘Sixty percent of the people responding say the economy will be good in a year from now’

ZELENY: “It’s not just President Obama who’s watching his poll ratings. It’s Hillary Clinton. Her fortunes are unmistakably linked to the president, as she’s asking voters to do something they’ve rarely done in modern times: elect two Democratic presidents in a row. Let’s take a look at these poll numbers. He right now is at 48 percent approval. That’s the highest he’s been in nearly two years here. But take a look at this number: 52 percent of the economy — or 52 percent of people say the economy’s good right now. But even more important that the Clinton campaign is watching, 60 percent of the people responding in our poll say that the economy will be good in a year from now. So that is the best news for Clinton in this poll. Of course, several other factors aren’t so good for her. But as we saw her campaigning yesterday in New Hampshire, she did something that she has rarely done. She took a bit of a stab at her rivals, her Republican rivals who are starting to promote a book that is raising questions about the foreign donations that are given to her family’s foundation. Let’s take a listen to what she said.” 

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