WaPo’s Philip Bump: ‘Donald Trump Powers His Politics on Aggrievement’

‘Fox News amplifies things they see on social media, Fox News pushes it out there and other people see it and it spreads outward from there and it goes to the president and this is how it works’

BUMP: "The way it works is Donald Trump powers his politics on aggrievement, and any incident of aggrievement, however real, is seized upon by his base and his supporters, including those at Fox News. Fox News amplifies things that they see on social media, Fox News pushes it out there, other people see it, it spreads outward from there, it goes to the President, it goes to his Twitter feed. This is how it works. This is the cycle. This is why he’s President of the United States. Not because of Home Alone 2 specifically, which again is not a Christmas classic, but because this cycle exists and he is powered by it."

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