Entire CNN Panel Mercilessly Mocks Giuliani Over New Interview: ‘On the Record Bloody Marys, Not a Good Idea’

‘Stewart: Day drinking with a reporter is never a good idea’


JENNINGS: “His insertion into this whole thing is the single worst fact for the president. If you really wanted to investigate somebody that you thought was corrupt, there are official U.S. government channels he could use to do that in an appropriate way. But when you send an unappointed unelected minister or ambassador at large who is functioning as your personal attorney, maybe on behalf of your campaign and certainly trying to coordinate with government officials it muddies the waters and creates bad facts. As a PR person, by the way, let me just give kids at home some advice: on the record Bloody Marys, not a good idea. Always off the record bloody Marys.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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