MSNBC Guest: Cadets Using OK Sign Must Be Taught It’s Not OK

‘I don’t doubt that those midshipmen and that West Point cadet were actually not doing the white power symbol’


REID: "We were talking the other day, the three of us were actually talking off air, about it’s so concerning to military leadership that when you have members of the naval academy playing what they’re now saying was the circle game, you know, doing it on camera, it prompted an investigation within the military, which they’re saying was not throwing the upside down okay white power sign but it prompted an investigation that has to happen. You have situation where is a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant was accused of planning a large-scale killing of civilians. We’re starting to see that kind of investigation happen to happen. It frightens me as a civilian to think that the military is also having to deal with this, because obviously, this is an armed entity with a lot of power potential, you know --"
JAMALI: "That’s a very good point. And, look, Joy, I think that should have been a teachable moment. Malcolm said it best that this is — look, you’re 18, 19 years old. You grow up in a small town you’re now moving in with people that you have never seen before. It’s an understanding that there may be a chance to learn here. On the flip side of this, we talk about white nationalism, what is the main part of white nationalism or any ideology is symbolism, is the idea of iconography, the idea that there are symbols that represent that ideology. Now I don't doubt that those midshipmen and that West Point cadet were actually not doing the white power symbol, but it's got to be something that we teach. It shouldn't be something that's okay. They should understand why it's not okay to do that."

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