Susan del Percio: Trump Doesn’t Know What’s Right or Wrong, He Just Goes to Where He Thinks the Votes Are

‘Donald Trump has no core values’


DEL PERCIO: “The problem, of course, is that Donald Trump has no core values so he just listens to what other people has to say, he’s not going on what he believes is right because he doesn’t know what’s right or wrong, he just goes to where he thinks the votes are. And it’s always been that way with Donald Trump. If he’s on the fly, he has a 50/50 shot of trying to make someone happy and say the right thing. And it’s very important when you look at that editorial. These were not personal failures of the President that they were judging morality on. These were his failures as president, on immigration, on children in cages, on race-baiting. These are the core principles — and impeachment specifically, not supporting the Constitution, in fact, going against it. So it’s also important to recognize this was not on his personal side, but rather on what he has done as president.”"

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