Chris Wallace Calls Out Pelosi, Top Dems for Holding Up Articles of Impeachment: Contradicting Everything They Said Before Vote

‘The whole thing is political’


WALLACE: “Sure. Look, the whole thing is political. Her argument, I guess would be, I’m trying to use whatever leverage I have to try to ensure that they have a full trial in the Senate. Something they clearly didn’t have in terms of getting all the witnesses in the House. The one thing that kind of contradicts is, how many times did we hear in the House from Nancy Pelosi, from Adam Schiff, from a number of people, we got to move this along because Donald Trump is a clear and present danger. We can't wait for him conceivably to do something. Well, now she is waiting, which seems to contradict everything they were saying in the run-up to the impeachment vote.”

(Via Mediaite)

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