Graham: My Foreign Policy Is Closer to Hillary and Obama’s than Rand Paul’s

‘Rand Paul is one step behind leading from behind’

SCARBOROUGH: "Isn't it true, though, that your foreign policy is much closer, John McCain's as well, to Hillary Clinton's view of the world than Rand ul's view of the world. I always say Hillary Clinton in effect was the only neocon in the Obama administration." 
GRAHAM: "All I can say about Hillary Clinton is that her view of Russia was misguided." 
GRAHAM: "I can only say that she apparently --" 
SCARBOROUGH: "But what about on intervention, though? If you had to pick --" 
GRAHAM: "My view of foreign policy --" 
SCARBOROUGH: "Or Rand Paul's?" 
GRAHAM: "Well, I'm closer to anybody who believes that we should lead not from behind but from the front but she supported a leading from behind president. But here's your point. Rand Paul is one step behind leading from behind. So, yes, even Obama is more aggressive. Obama believes you can K Anwar Al Awlaki without getting a court order. Obama believes you can hold unlawful enemy combatants at Gitmo without a criminal trial. So Rand Paul is behind Obama, not just Hillary Clinton."

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