Rep. Crenshaw: We’ve Given the Senate the Weakest Impeachment Case in History

‘Nancy Pelosi realize that today by demanding whatever she means by a fair trial’


CRENSHAW: "That's very true, and the reason that's not going to — the reason is because it's such a weak case. And I think Nancy Pelosi finally realized that today by demanding whatever she means by a fair trial. Let’s not forget, what did we give the Senate last night? We gave them the weakest impeachment case in history. We gave them two articles. One, abuse of power. Pretty vague. It relies on this false notion that the President can’t ask about the Biden-Burisma issue, which was on its face corrupt and a clear conflict of interest, everyone knows that. And the second thing we gave them was this notion of an obstruction of Congress, which basically lies on this premise that the President and the executive branch were supposed to participate in their own investigation for impeachment, which really isn’t the case when you look at coequal branches of government, and natural friction that occurs between them, and separation of powers. So all of that went over to the Senate where now Nancy Pelosi realizes that she never had a case to begin with, and she wants the Senate to help her build the case, which is not how it works. They're supposed to hold a trial and the evidence that we gave them."

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