Pres. Trump Announces that Dem. Rep. Jeff Van Drew ‘Will Be Joining the Republican Party’

‘To me it’s a very exciting announcement’


TRUMP: "I think it's been many years, I hear 10 years, maybe more, where Jeff Van Drew, highly respected — in fact, I didn't know how as a Democrat you could have won that district. I know that district very well, but that is a great tribute to you. But Jeff will be joining the Republican Party. And we were very fortunate, he voted our way yesterday, as you probably know, and we had a totally unified party. I don't think there's ever been a time where the Republican Party so united. But Jeff will be joining the Republican Party and I really — to me, it's a very exciting announcement. I think, Kevin, you said it was about ten years since that's happened and I don't even know who the last one was. It would seem to be it was even more than that, but it's a big deal."

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