‘The Five’: Dems Have Shown They Are Complete Hypocrites

‘Democrats only care about democracy when they win but when there is a Republican who wins, they protest’


PAVLICH: "Democrats always claim that they are doing this for the country, that they're doing this to protect democracy, as Pelosi said, to uphold the republic, but they're actually thinking very short-term. And this entire process has shown that they are complete hypocrites when it comes to that line, that narrative that they take. This is about protecting the vote of the American people. Democrats only care about democracy when they win. But when there is a Republican who wins, they protest, there are lots of protesters out all across the country today. They wants to impeach the President, now they are doing it. This is, like, the fourth time they’ve tried to do this, let’s go back and remember what they tried to impeach him for earlier.”

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