Flashback: Rep. DeGette, Who Is Presiding Over Today’s Debate, Blasts Impeachment Based on ‘Partisan Politics’

‘We have divided this House with partisan politics’


DEGETTE: "We have divided this House with partisan politics, sowing mistrust and exposing the darkness in our own hearts. It started with the first vote of the 105th Congress to censure the Speaker and it has continued to this day to the vote to impeach the President. With all of the lost opportunities in between, it is no wonder we are losing the public's trust. After today, when the impeachment frenzy subsides, we will survey the damage to our own political system. We will have unnecessarily crippled the presidency for a generation to come. We will have wantonly weakened this House of Representatives, reaching a new low in partisan rancor. We will have substantially subverted the Constitution which was designed to reflect the will of the people in a republic, not to promote a political party and what is slipping towards a parliamentary system.”

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