Dem Rep. Clyburn Admits Impeachment ‘Is All About’ Trump’s 2016 Campaign

‘This is is a nation of laws, not of men’


CLYBURN: “The fact of the matter is we had a campaign, we saw during that campaign what all the candidates were about. It came down to two people, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They acquitted themselves the way they should have and people began to form on some opinions about them. And Donald Trump's campaign I think it framed his presidency. We just thought that what’s in office, he would rise to the office. Instead he got into office and tried to pull the presidency down to him. And that to me is what this is all about. This is is a nation of laws, not of men. He has attempted to make this a a nation of a men. He’s taken over the Republican Party and now he’s attempted to take over the nation. That’s why we’re here to make sure that we preserve the integrity of this great republic and defend the Constitution that we all swore to uphold."

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