Meyers: Only in the Senate Can You Openly Brag About Not Being Impartial at the Jury

‘This is the Republican Party of Trump’


MEYERS: “They’re supposed to be the jury, and they’re literally going on TV admitting they’re not going to be impartial. And they’re going to take their orders from the president. Only in the Senate can you openly brag that you’re not pretending to be a fair jury Lindsey Graham sounds like a dude who is just making stuff up to get out of jury duty. “I can’t serve on a jury my grandma’s sick, and I’m her caretaker. And I’m cat sitting. And I live far away. And I don’t speak English. And I’m biased against cops. This is the Republican Party of Trump. A party that sees any challenge to its power as illegitimate, that’s fine with cheating to win elections, and that rigs trials to avoid consequences for that cheating they don’t care what they have to do to win, even if it involves cheating.”

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