DNC Chair Refuses to Rule out Accepting ‘Dark Money’ in 2016

‘We’re going to play by the rules as they exist now’

ANCHOR: "Would you tell your nominee not to accept dark money? Meaning, not the unlimited contributions that go to super PACs that are reported, but money that comes in via 501C3s. Would you urge that your nominee repudiate that and disassociate himself or herself from any of that money or advertising?"
WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: "Our position, as I said, is that we need campaign finance reform. That we need to have as much transparency written into the law, and into the Constitution if necessary, so that we can get that poisonous environment out. And we make sure that we know that voters can choose their candidates, and that you don't have donors buy their candidates, as Republicans support. But, at the end of the day, we're going to play by the rules as they exist now. And fight for the change that we know that will be better for our democracy."

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