Hannity Mocks Media ‘Temper Tantrum’ over McConnell Comments to Him About Impeachment Process

‘They’re not happy that Senator McConnell is crushing their dreams’


HANNITY: “The professional impeachment cheerleaders in the mob in the media – we now know nothing but an extension of every lie, they got it all wrong on Mueller, four investigations, and they missed the biggest corruption, abuse of power scandal as we learned this week in their lifetime, they didn’t care about Hillary’s bought and paid for dirty Russian unverifiable dossier, which we now know was used as the bulk of information in the FISA report, and without it, they never would’ve gotten the FISA report to take away the constitutional rights of Carter Page, and then back door everything into all world Trump, campaign transition and presidency — the mob, they’re not happy that Senator McConnell is crushing their dreams. For the past 24 hours they’ve been throwing a massive temper tantrum as usual.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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