Rep. Reschenthaler: Adam Schiff Should Be Ashamed of His Handling of Impeachment Inquiry

‘We have to remember that Adam Schiff is the one that abused his power’


PERINO: "Do you take offense to that?"

RESCHENTHALER: "I absolutely do. You know who should be ashamed, Dana? Adam Schiff. We got to remember that Adam Schiff is the one that abused his power. He is the one that subpoenaed phone records of other members of this body. He is the one that exposed Devin Nunes' numbers and call logs. And the House Democrats have even gone so far as to block my motion to subpoena the whistleblower, an actual fact witness, not one of the Ivy League law school professors they drag in before us. I want to hear from a fact witness and they blocked my attempts to subpoena the whistleblower. They're the ones that should be ashamed."

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