Rep. Moulton: Trump Seems To Show More Loyalty to Russia than To Our Own Democratic Process

‘I think it’s pretty disillusioning to the troops to even have to have this discussion about a commander in chief who seems to show more loyalty to Russia than to our own democratic process’


MOULTON: "Most importantly, you want a commander-in-chief that you can trust. Someone that you know will do the right thing. And I think it’s disillusioning to the troops to even have this discussion about a commander-in-chief who seems to show more loyalty to Russia than to our own democratic process. And that’s disillusioning. That should be disillusioning for everybody. So, look, we can focus on the fighting, but the true thing at stake here is the President of the United States. You know, I disagreed with President Bush. I didn’t like his decision to send me and my friends to war. But I never imagined that George W. Bush would literally be spreading Russian propaganda, trying to use Russia’s excuse for meddling in the 2016 election which is to say that it was actually Ukraine that did it, a completely debunked conspiracy theory. To see the commander-in-chief, my commander-in-chief peddling that theory has got to be so disillusioning for our troops. As many disagreements as I had with George W. Bush, I never imagined he would do something like that. That’s how high these stakes are and it’s why it’s so important that we hold Donald Trump accountable."

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