MSNBC: Ironic Hillary’s Talking About Finance Reform When She Plans To Raise $2 Billion

‘It’s kind of ironic that people who are talking about campaign finance reform are talking about doing $2 billion worth of campaigning’

DIAZ-BALART: "They are saying that Clinton could do $2 billion. I mean, is that real?"
NN FEMALE: "They're trying to downplay that when you talk to the Clinton campaign and they are trying to tamp that down a little bit. But they're talking in the billions. That is the projection. Money and politics. I think that's why you are starting to hear more people talk about campaign finance reform because it's getting kind of out of control." 
DIAZ-BALART: " It's ironic that people that are talking about campaign finance reform are talking about maybe doing $2 billion worth of campaigning from now to November 2016."

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