Fox Business Reports 266K Jobs Added in November, It’s a Blowout

‘The unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5 percent’

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LAWRENCE: “256,000 Jobs created in November, 154,000 private sector, 12,000 in government Secretary of State unemployment rate ticked down again to 3.5%, the he revisions in the right direction, going up in September 13,000 Jobs, in October going up 28,000 Jobs that is in addition of 41,000 Jobs for the net revision u6 ticked down . %, 6.9% long-term unemployment 20. 8% average hourly wages ticked up .2% month-over-month up 3.1% over the past 12 months up 7 cents there labor force participation rate little changed, at 63.2%. Average hourly workweek unchanged at 34.4%, nonsupervisory wages rose 7 cents white unemployment rate 3.2 black 5.5% Hispanic unemployment rate 4.2%, Asian unemployment rate, health care added 45,000 Jobs, that sector has added 414,000 Jobs, over the past 12 minutes, manufacturing, up 54,000 Jobs, but 41,000 Jobs of those related to the strike that is in motor vehicles parts coming back mining loss 7,000 Jobs, down 19,000 Jobs, since peak in may. Retail up 2000 Jobs, and leisure hospitality added 45,000 Jobs, that is 219,000 Jobs in that sector alone over the past four months so bottom line the economy created 266,000 Jobs the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5%.”

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