CNN Praises Biden for Calling Voter ‘Damn Liar’: Not Letting Trump Spread ‘Unsubstantiated Claims’

‘Certainly this is not what Joe Biden wants to talk about on the campaign trail’


DEAN: "Yeah. It was quite a moment and back and forth. You heard the crowd getting into it as well. Certainly this is not what Joe Biden wants to be talking about on the campaign trail, these unsubstantiated claims that have been spread by President Trump and went back and forth with that voter. When we asked him about it afterward, he said, 'Look, I was just trying to shut it down. I didn’t lose my temper. I just wanted to shut this down and tell this man this wasn’t appropriate in this setting.' And what I was curious about, Brooke, what I asked him about was, 'Look, do you ever get frustrated you’re here in Iowa eight days trying to take your message to voters and this is the questions that follow you around, that do come back up?”

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