Newt Gingrich: Jonathan Turley Destroyed the Dems’ Case

‘It would collapse overnight’


GINGRICH: “Sure, the Democrats have an extraordinarily weak hand. They’ve tried to balance it by cheating on every possible level, making absurd demands, having the intelligence committee report come out in the evening and they — the Judiciary Committee meet the next day. All things, it’s absurd. But if I were the Republicans, I would say Jonathan Turley’s devastating comments today starting with his own statement that he had voted against Trump, he was not there as a pro-trump person. And he just took apart the entire process. And I would take and cut that into a five commercials and I would drown the country in them. Because if every American understood how much Turley, a constitutional expert, was destroying the Democrat kraltic case, it would collapse overnight. He was one of the most effective witnesses I’ve ever seen. I thought it was devastating what he said.”

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