Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Like Twinkie, So Fake Never Gets Rigid

‘That was Kamala Harris’

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CARLSON: “You know, they used to say you could leave a twinkie outside forever and it would never get rigid because it was that fake. That was Kamala Harris. But what you just saw turned out to be the apogy of her campaign. It evaporated making Joe Biden look bad isn’t much of an accomplishment. It’s not that hard. Harris had to admit that actually she didn’t really herself support mandatory school Busing because voters of all colors hate it because it’s actually insane. Pretty soon Tulsi Gabbard was attacking Harris for her past as a prosecutor. Then it was all over. Harris was mired in the single digits. She never got out of them. Campaign was doomed. By October Harris knew she was done. She started making preemptive excuses for failing chanks of getting picked as somebody else’s vice president. The problem she complained was how racist and sexist America is.”

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