Deutsch: Why Do We Talk About the ‘Blowhard,’ ‘Ignorant,’ ‘Putz’ Tucker Carlson?

‘Who the hell is Tucker Carlson’


MCFAUL: “What happened to Tucker Carlson? He used to work at The Weekly Standard, if I don't forget. Where did he go wrong? Maybe because the winds have blown it a different way. And while I bring up the Bush administration, I think we need to hear from the most senior people in the Bush administration. I miss President Bush’s voice. I would like to hear more from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. We need those people to weigh in because the Republican Party people weighing in right now have forgotten about these basic facts about national security.”

DEUTSCH: “Why do we even dignify Tucker Carlson? He’s a blowhard, he’s a putz. Who the hell is Tucker Carlson?”

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