‘Really Disgraceful’: ‘Morning Joe’ Hammers ‘Trumpian Hack’ Bill Barr for Disputing IG Report on Russia Investigation

‘If these reports are accurate, here’s an attorney general who actually is attacking an inspector general for not being critical enough of his own agencies’


ROBINSON: "This is really disgraceful. Why should we expect anything else from William Barr at this point? But he really is functioning like Donald Trump’s personal attorney and not as the Attorney General of the United States. And this is — I can’t believe that someone with his experience, with his resume, with his career in Washington, would want to end it this way, basically, as a Trumpist hack who is going out of his way and doing all these extraordinary things in what I think will ultimately be a vain attempt to protect the reputation of President Donald Trump. It’s ridiculous. You know, really, an Attorney General saying, 'You know, you’re not critical enough of my agencies,' it’s never happened. And for good reason. It’s just crazy."

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