Kellyanne Conway Says Impeachment Inquiry Is ‘Unconstitutional,’ Suggests Trump Won’t Participate in Hearings

‘What is this hearing about?’


CONWAY: "On October 8th, the White House Counsel made very clear this is an illegitimate and unconstitutional process and we maintain that. 12 witnesses, 30 hours later there are no bombshells, a lot of bombs. I keep hearing all these analogies and comparisons to the Nixon impeachment and the Clinton impeachment. And the fact is there was evidence of crimes there, direct evidence. Bill Clinton lied under oath before the grand jury on August 17th, 1998. I remember watching it live. With Nixon, there were tapes. He resigned before he was impeached and removed from office. And yet, we see no crime here. We’re still looking for a crime, let alone a high crime and misdemeanor that would justify impeaching and removing a democratically, legitimately elected president from office. And Bill, make no mistake. The Democrats and their allies have been at this for over three years.” 

(Via Mediaite)

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