CNN Had To Explain to Its Audience What ‘No Malarkey’ Means

‘It is an old school way of saying B.S.’


TAPPER: "The politics lead now. For the kids out there, it's an old-school, more polite way of saying B.S. Former Vice President Joe Biden is on an 8-day, 18-county 'No Malarkey' tour across Iowa. The barnstorming comes as polls have Biden solidly in the lead nationally, but with Mayor Pete Buttigieg surging to the top in Iowa with just 63 days until the first votes in the race. Mehdi, one Iowa voter told Politico she’s afraid Biden is going to get the 'okay boomer' treatment with an old-school slogan such as 'no malarkey.' He’s already chasing a much younger Mayor Pete in Iowa. What do you think?"

HASAN: "I am a couple of years older than Pete Buttigieg and I had to Google what 'malarkey' means."


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