Julian Castro: We Need to Respond with ‘Common Sense and Compassion’ to Trump’s ‘Division and Cruelty’

‘I believe that the best way to beat Donald Trump is to be bold and to be fearless’


CASTRO: "Well, I mean, I never would have entered this presidential race if I wasn’t in it to win the nomination and to beat Donald Trump and become president. So I’m focused on winning the nomination and going on and beating Donald Trump in November of 2020. But along the way of this campaign, what is true is that, you know, I haven’t been afraid to bring up issues that a lot of other people don’t want to talk about, won’t touch. Because I believe that the best way to beat Donald Trump is to be bold and to be fearless. And not to cower or back peddle against his cruelty or his division, but to lay out a strong, positive vision for the future of America so that everyone counts. And that we move forward as a nation with common sense and with compassion instead of his division and his cruelty."

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