Joe Biden: ‘We Can Make Sure that Everybody Has Total Access to Healthcare’

‘It is affordable’

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BIDEN: "And I think we can make sure that everybody has total access, it is affordable, no deductibles more than $1,000 even if you can afford insurance, to be in a position where you, in fact, have — if you don't have money, you're automatically able to enroll in ObamaCare, now it'll be called BidenCare if I get it passed. (Laughter)  No, because I'd have to, it's not because — Barack's the guy that broke it all through, but provides for a public option so that people who, in fact, want to — want to either give up their employer-based insurance or whatever insurance they have, they can, in fact, buy into a Medicare-like option, but it's not required. You're not mandated that the government knows best for you, that you must give up your private insurance and you must go to Medicare. But you're — but you're able to do that if you wish."  

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