Chris Murphy: My Hope Has Been All Along that the Senate Would Be Able To Survive the Trump Presidency

‘It’s sad to watch my colleagues willingly propagate these lies’


MURPHY: “Listen, my hope has been all along that the Senate would be able to survive the Trump presidency, that we wouldn’t be pulled down into this cesspool of lies and mistruths. And it’s just sad, as I said, to watch my colleagues willingly propagate these lies. They are not required to do so just because the president is lying about the facts surrounding the 2016 election. Now, listen, Ukraine is a complicated country. Of course there were individuals in Ukraine who may have been rooting for Hillary Clinton, as there were individuals in Ukraine who were rooting for Donald Trump in that election. But that is something very different than saying that the Ukrainian government, that the president and the prime minister were actively coordinating with the DNC. That is fundamentally not true and there’s no reporting and no intelligence sources that Senator Kennedy, nor the president can rely on. They’re just trying to avoid talking about the fundamental corruption that the White House was involved in.”

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