CBSN: House Intel Committee to Send Impeachment Report to House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday

‘President Trump himself will not participate in the House Judiciary Committee’s first hearing on Wednesday’

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REPORTER: "The House Intelligence Committee will review a report on the impeachment inquiry Monday. On Tuesday the panel will likely approve the findings, and then send them to the Judiciary Committee. On Wednesday the Judiciary Committee will hold its first impeachment hearing. President Trump missed a deadline Sunday to say whether he or a lawyer will attend that hearing. Weijia Jang has more on the busy week ahead in Washington."
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JANG (voice-over): "President Trump himself will not participate in the House Judiciary Committee’s first hearing on Wednesday, tweeting, 'I will be representing our country in London at NATO while the Democrats are holding the most ridiculous impeachment hearings in history.' Tomorrow the House Intelligence Committee will likely release a report revealing what members found after collecting evidence for weeks to determine if the President abused power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate political rivals. On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee will take the lead. Ranking Republican Doug Collins said the first witness he wants to call is House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff."

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