Media Critic David Zurawik Rips Fox News: They’re ‘Leading the Pack’ for Sowing Conspiracy Theories

‘The most dangerous thing that the right-wing media is doing’


ZURAWIK: “Well, I think it will become more important to the president, Brian, because he needs it so much. And fox is so outside of nappollitono and a few other voices, fox is so in with him that right wing media grid you showed earlier is so important. When we compare it to — we want a historical context, of course. But when we compare it to past impeachment proceedings, you can’t come close because of the right wing media that’s out there now. And the way it operates. You know, one of the problems fox is having is it’s so happy to just take talking points from the White House and not have to think. But the White House has been so scatter shoot and inconsistent with the defense to this impeachment hearing that fox is having kind of cognitive confusion. You know, first ill legitimate. Then it was hear say. Then it was not Trump who should be investigated for Russian interference, it’s George sorros. Fox is leading the pack on this, seeding the mainstream media and fox is part of it with these conspiracy theories, because when you get to conspiracy theory and nobody knows what to believe and it’s all confusion, you are playing into the hands of Vladimir Putin. That is his strategy for post soviet Russia.”

(Via Mediaite)

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