Rick Klein: Democrats on the Trail Aren’t Being Asked About Impeachment, It’s Not an Issue Voters Care About

‘They don’t want to talk about it’


KLEIN: "You can’t fight it. I think the counter-programming is delivering what the perception is the voters want to hear from. They’re not getting asked on the trail in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, they're not getting asked about impeachment. They don’t want to talk about it because they don’t really have much to add. It isn't an issue for them. I think there’s really not a good way for any of these campaigns to try to break through in this era. This is going to be the overriding story. And the Democratic primary is going to play out against that backdrop. As Matthew says, if this is all done by February, March, we’re not going to be voting likely on impeachment next November. It's going to be a distant memory. And they have to keep their eyes on the prize, but there's no doubt this is frustrating to some of those lower-tier candidates who thought this is the time where everyone is going to be dialed into the primary campaign."

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