Colbert Mocks Biden for Giving the Wrong Caucus Date: You Can Also Vote for Him on Nov 35

‘The caucuses are February third’

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COLBERT: “Biden is still leading by double digits, nationally, but he has been slipping in the polls in Iowa. But he’s trying to get back into the game. We recently learned that last month, Biden said this to supporters: “I’m asking you to take a look— I’m asking for your help. Commit to caucusing for me on February the fourth.” Only problem. The caucuses are February third. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. That’s fine. What matters is the general election, and Joe Biden wants you to vote on November 35! You walk into that voting booth, you ignore all the buttons with the floor numbers. Just shout “Joe Biden” at the ceiling until the nice fireman comes and rescues you! “

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