Gregg Jarrett: If Impeachment Goes to the Senate, It Will Turn to a Joe and Hunter Biden Trial

‘As well as a trial of Adam Schiff’


JARRETT: “The government is America’s racist competitor and if it don’t make adversary China goes into business with the sun. And at the same time, Joe Biden is put in charge of U.S. And China policy. It’s not just the appearance of a conflict of interest, it is a legitimate egregious conflict of interest. And the investments are troubling. And that is nuclear power investing in China investing. I guarantee you. If Democrats are foolish enough to impeach the president, the trial of the U.S. Senate will not be a trial of Donald Trump, it will be a trial of Joe and Hunter Biden as well as a trial of Adam Schiff and his suspected collusion with a fake whistle-blower to create the impeachment illusion.”

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