Tucker Carlson: California Inequality Bad as Congo, Leads Nation in Poverty and Homelessness

‘The middle class is fleeing California’

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CARLSON: "Middle class voters have been the bedrock of American democracy since the country was founded. It really has to be that way. If this isn't a middle class country, it can’t be a functioning democracy. But in California, which is at the leading edge of everything, middle class is vanishing. California's medium home price is twice the national average. It's got the country’s highest gas prices, it has some of the highest taxes as well. The results of all of this? You know what it is. The middle class is fleeing California. The ones staying are falling into the poverty. The state has the highest poverty rate in the United States. California’s Gini coefficient, a measure of inequality is identical to that in the republic of Congo. Literally.” 

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