John Solomon: Christopher Steele Will Be the Star Witness When the FISA Report Comes Out

‘We will learn a lot more about Christopher Steele’


SOLOMON: “This is very important part when the ig comes out and we have the hearing was senator graham, one thing we will here be on the stuff we talked about. We talked about ad nauseam he had a political bias against Trump. He was working for Hillary Clinton’s opposition reform. He had a deadline. He had on cooperated information that could’ve been Russian misinformation. But here’s another thing that the FBI struggled with, and that is that he had the private intelligence clients. Sometimes when he is talking to the FBI in your state State Department officials, getting information from them that he sells to his clients. I have the anecdote right in the times when he is talking with Bruce Ohr, remember his buddy at the department? Christopher Steele since the dossier to the lawyer for Ukraine oligarch, the guy is under indictment. His lawyers trying to help them, and he is feeding him information about the U.S. Government and sources are telling him about the case in the U.S. Priority is in Ukraine. These are the sort of things at the FBI has not been held to account. And we will learn a lot more about Christopher Steele. He will be the star witness or the star figure when the FISA report comes out.”

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