Michael Steel: ‘Biden Does Best When He Isn’t in Public’

‘I think Democrats want to win, I think that is the reason that Biden is leading’


STEEL: "This is the reason Biden does best when he’s not in public. He has the profile you want. He has the record you want. He has the positions you want. At the same time, when he’s stumbling and sleep walking and not impressing anybody when they actually watch his candidacy. I think Democrats want to win. I think that is the reason that Biden is leading. I think that's the reason Pete Buttigieg is surging, and a fellow moderate in the Democratic Party, even though I've got to say, fourth largest city in Indiana is not an extraordinary credential for commander-in-chief, which is why Mayor Bloomberg, a mayor who ran three terms in a city that is bigger than 40 states in the union, sees an opportunity here."

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