Sen. Tom Cotton: Obama’s Practicing Castro’s Policy of Suppressing Domestic Dissent

‘Maybe the president’s meeting with Raul Castro was focused on suppressing domestic dissent’

HEWITT: "The president got very mad at John McCain for saying John Kerry was delusional on my show on Thursday. And he said this down in Panama on Saturday. What do you think of Senator McCain’s characterization of Senator Kerry and the president’s reaction to it?"
COTTON: "Well, maybe the president, after meeting with Raul Castro, is focused on suppressing domestic dissent and any objections of his policy. John McCain is a decorated war hero, a man that spent over five years in a prison of war camp. If he wants to opine on critical national security matters as a United States senator, and as chairman of the Armed Services Committee, I think the American people want to hear what he has to say. And frankly, when you compare what President Obama and Secretary Kerry have said, or the white paper they released to what senior Iranian leaders have said, with the white paper they released, you have to ask what agreement did we reach at all? I would say there is no deal. There is no framework. There is just a long list of concessions the United States made. And Iran, to the extent that it made any concessions, is now walking those back, pocketing what we made, waiting for the next round of negotiations to get more for less."

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