Admiral Stavridis: ‘Fiona Hill Is Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare’

‘The point I want to make is her knowledge of Russia, Ukraine, this region is really quite unparalleled’


STAVRIDIS: "Indeed. And I know Fiona quite well. In fact, Willie, when I was preparing to go be the supreme allied commander in NATO and I was looking around and casting about for experts to talk to, everybody said, 'Oh, you’ve got to talk to Dr. Fiona Hill.' The point I want to make is her knowledge of Russia, Ukraine, this region is really quite unparallel. She is brilliant, as you saw. And she’s also kind of tough as nails. She’s literally a coal miner’s daughter from the north of England. She’s not backing up to anybody. And so when you had that kind of collision between legitimate national security, which, of course, is getting this aid to the Ukrainians, Ukraine has a dagger at its throat from Russia. This is big casino for them. And that national security imperative diluted colliding with this national agenda. I’ve never seen anything like it and I spent several years as a combatant commander, both in Latin America and the Caribbean and in Europe, working on this kind of foreign military assistance. Never saw it diluted in the domestic sphere. Fiona Hill is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”

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