Maddow: Hillary Clinton Is So ‘Very Good’ at Campaigning

‘Hillary Clinton is good at this — she’s really good at this’

Hillary Clinton Is So 'Very Good' at Campaigning, Rachel Maddow Gushes (NewsBusters)

Future broadcasts of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC that include segments on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign should come with a warning, something along the lines of -- keep a barfbag handy, at least if you're one of the few conservatives in our audience.

With the official announcement of Clinton's second bid for the presidency looming, Maddow on her show Friday night recounted Clinton's previous campaigns for public office and positively swooned while doing so.

Viewers who stumbled onto the segment while channel-surfing may have wondered if Maddow was rhapsodizing about Clinton or Wonder Woman.

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