Sen. McCaskill: ‘No One Who’s Ever Run for President’ Is ‘More Qualified than Hillary’

‘Her life experience is unqualified journey through various different experiences’

MITCHELL: "Why Hillary Clinton this time around?" 
McCASKILL: "Well, there's probably no one who's ever run for presidency that's more qualified than Hillary Clinton. Her life experience is unqualified journey through various different experiences can which will allow her to be the strong president we need especially internationally right now." 
MITCHELL: "And when you say especially internationally, there are vulnerabilities there. There's not only Benghazi, but there's also Egypt, Libya, interventions that many people criticize her intervention policies for she and the president. Foreign policies not in such a great place. 
McCASKILL: "That's because it's a dangerous and complicated world. She has unique understanding of how dangerous and complicated it is. She's operated on that world stage. She has relationships with the leadership around the world of those countries that are important allies. She understands that you may need to think through decisions. She's seen foreign policy mistakes and seen foreign policy successes. She knows the difference. If you look at that in context of what's going on in the world and if you look at the field against her, she stands head and shoulders above all of these men in terms of her preparedness for international stage."

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