A. Scott Bolden: Biden Needs To Stop Talking About Getting Black Support

‘Every time, he talks it seems that he says something wrong or there’s a gaffe’


BOLDEN: “I think Biden brought that on himself. The narrative that he started to spin, he started off with marijuana and then he started to talk about his black voter support and Obama. He has these gaffes in the gaffes are embarrassing. They weren’t laughing with him. They were laughing at him. He brought that on himself. To be the face of the Democratic Party, he’s got to get rid of those gaffes. I don’t know what’s causing it, if you will, buddy brought it on himself. He’s got more black votes in anybody. That’s what’s going to get him the nomination but he needs to stop talking about is at least because every time he talks it seems that he says something wrong or there’s a gaffe.”

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