Biden on His Black Support: ‘The Community’s Always Been Comfortable with Me’

‘I’ve always been comfortable in the community’


BIDEN: "Well, I don't want to speak to why they trust me. I can tell you why I trust them. My whole career, from the time I was a kid — not career, when I was in high school, straight through, I've been engaged in the community in my state. My state is the eighth largest black population in the country, almost 20 percent of the state is African-American. And I have been both just personal friends with, I was the only guy that worked in the east side, the only white boy who worked over there for real, with 13 other lifeguards, I became close friends with all those folks. You know, back in the day in Delaware, when we still had segregated movie theaters and things, I'm not making myself out to be some great shake in the civil rights movement, but I spent a lot of time in African-American churches. A lot of my support has come from the church, the AME Church in particular, in Delaware. I guess that's what I've done my whole life. When I got started in public life, I think the biggest boost I got was my association with Delaware State University, a historic black university. And I find that it's — I've always been comfortable in the community and I think that the community has always been comfortable with me." 

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